Managed WordPress Service

If you are serious website owners probably love the opportunity to let someone else worry about all these technical details so you can focus on your content. I know that most of you are handcuffed by a lack of technical help to keep your WordPress Website well maintained, optimized and secured.

Here a few major things that I can help you with…

I fix any small issue you request and improve your site in a number of ways. A few examples include:

Performance Optimization

Websites that are cached properly help reduce load times by identifying data that is loading frequently and keeping it ready to go as soon as a website is requested.

Free Global CDN

With Free CDN Bandwidth a month per server that will boost your site’s performance for visitors across the world. This is definitely not CloudFlare so you won’t need extra configuration or DNS change. Read more of this here.

Staging and Cloning

Change the theme, install a plugin or test certain function you want on your site via staging without worrying about breaking your site. Push change or copy the latest site into staging vice versa. Staging site is hosted on my own separate server, no burden is given to your server for this function.

SEO Ranking

Keep track of how your keyword ranking changes, find out who your competitors are, and how you stack up against them.

WordPress Support

I will be here to help you with plugin and theme issues and make recommendations about best practices for your site.

Daily Database, Files & Core Backups

An incremental offsite backup of your entire website that covers 30 days of timeline. Created for you. Every. single. day. #protectedinvestment


Keep all of your sites protected with free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt together a combination of nightly malware scans/removals, integrity checks, and intrusion detection systems along with a web application firewall to keep your site secure.

Vulnerability Updates

Vulnerability check brings a real-time information about what plugins are vulnerable so I can act accordingly and not let your site at risk.

Uptime Monitor

This will auto-detect when something went wrong with your site and notify me so I can fix it right away. If ever the event is cause for circumstances beyond my control like your hosting I will contact you to provide assistance and make your site run again.

Regular Client Reports

Keep you as a client informed at all times of the things I have done on your site. This is a transparent email report so I will leave no details to you.

Still have questions?

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Managed WP Service

All-in-One WordPress Management, Hosting & Services.
1. Fully Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting
2. Free CDN, Staging and Cloning
3. Weekly Core, theme and plugin updates
4. Unmettered Storage & Bandwidth
5. And many more for as low as $ 29/Month