If you are planning to build a website and searching online on how to do so, you might already stumble upon WordPress. WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) has evolved into a versatile system from its original blogging platform. Yes, WordPress is not just a tool for blogging but a CMS that can create a simple blog, to create fully functional websites and mobile applications. Another website that WordPress can be used are; Online Store, membership site, online portfolio etc.


The latest details are demonstrating that since November 2017, WordPress is really driving 29.0% of the Web, and it’s on the ascent. It is still by a wide margin the most utilized CMS, with 59.9% piece of the pie. Likewise curiously once a day there is more than 550 websites being made using WordPress.


Anyone can use WordPress neither you are a web designers nor programmers this is due to the fact that using WordPress is easy to use and extendable. There are thousand of free Themes and Plugin that could compliment the core WordPress to your website functionality. Regardless of whether you need a photography website, magazine topic website, portfolio website, or an eCommerce website.

WordPress themes is the template of your website it offer customation for change content textual styles, change colors, website logo, place background images, make delightful sliders, and do other cool things with your site while never composing any code whatsoever. While plugin offer extra functionality to WordPress, such as extra customation, new functionality and more.


As mention above WordPress is for everyone since it can be use but a novice user. The proof of this is that WordPress is the most use CMS today. Here are some of WordPress video tutorials for begginer.


WordPress can be utilized as a part of various ways. It is available to many potential outcomes. This very website, wplocket.com is crafted using wordpress as well as my other websites. No matter what your website project is whether it is a portfolio, blog, gamify website, photography, online store, video website or any other WordPress will surely back it up. Hope that this article helps you understand why you should trust WordPress.

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